2019 Presentations



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    Share the Joy of Learning: STEAM Content Integration & Student Engagement. Ignite student passion and curiosity while empowering student choice and voice using STEAM. Presenters will highlight student experiences in designated, integrated, and extended-day STEAM classes or pathways. Content integration through STEAM tools includes topics such as computer science, robotics, engineering, technology, Makerspaces, arts across the curriculum, engaging students in multi-disciplinary projects, and facilitating learning opportunities that replicate real life. Attendees receive classroom-ready tactics which can be applied immediately, ultimately allowing students to benefit from personalized and authentic STEAM experiences grounded in content standards and relevant, contextualized learning opportunities.
    Celebrate The Art of Teaching: Recruiting, Sustaining and Developing the STEAM Teaching Workforce. Strengthening the STEAM teaching workforce is critical. Presenters will share various standards-aligned methods to impact the future of STEAM education including innovative curricula, pedagogy, technology, communities of practice, labor-management collaboration, and other key elements which support preparation, professional learning, and STEAM educator recruitment and retention. Attendees will receive tools and implementation strategies to positively impact their STEAM teaching workforce using effective adult-learning theory. Also, they will learn how to contribute to this work through scenarios from the perspective of their existing roles: new teacher, master teacher, teacher leader, coach, administrator, higher-ed educator, industry partner, and/or community member. 
    Build a Thriving STEAM Team: Stakeholders and Partnerships. Optimize learning environments in PreK-12 by building partnerships and community involvement to enhance learning experiences within the school day and beyond. Presenters will speak from the point of view of the student, demonstrate how inclusive team efforts help STEAM education thrive, and share about the importance of being a STEAM catalyst and driver. Partnerships and community involvement elevate diverse voices toward a common goal of preparing all students to thrive in future enrollment and employment. Attendees will leave with best practices, proof-of-concept examples, community-impact models, and blueprints ready for implementation.
    Create and Innovate STEAM Systems for All: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Learn how to re-invent organizational systems to promote a life-long learning process and continuously improve teaching and learning environments through inclusive organizational cultures. Presenters will share resources, research, and stories to help educators impact and guide this important work in their own organizations and communities, particularly in support of populations we seek to grow in STEAM: students of color, girls, English learners, foster youth, and those with learning differences. Attendees will access resources, collaborators, and action steps to connect STEAM education as a tool for addressing public good, civic engagement, social responsibility, and other shared goals to benefit future generations - and to be able to embark upon this work immediately.

    Content Pathways:

    • Early Learning
    • College and Career Pathways
    • Social Justice & Social Impact
    • Language Development and Communication Skills 
    • The Arts & Design Thinking
    • STEAM Beyond The Classroom
    • Environmental Literacy
    • Media and Information Literacy
    • Makers & Makerspaces