Submit a Winning CA STEAM Symposium Proposal!

  • Interested in presenting, but aren't sure where to start?

    Here are 3 tips:

    1) Incorporate hands-on activities into the presentation.
    Every year the highest-rated presentations are those that include interactive activities or exercises. Rather than exclusively lecture from the front of the room, presenters should incorporate hands-on demonstrations, collaborative worksheets, group discussions, or other engaging methods. Attendees appreciate learning about tools and strategies by trying them out together.

    2) Build in time for your audience to reflect on how they will use your lessons or tools with their students, colleagues, and/or external education partnerships.
    Attendees love to think about how they can apply what they just learned to their existing practices as soon as they return home. Make sure you design time for discussion and Q&A so they feel confident about how to make improvements right away.

    3) Be specific about who will benefit from your presentation.
    This year's thematic strands and content pathways were designed based on direct feedback from attendees. They want deeper dives into these practice areas and specific content pathways to help them choose which presentations to attend. When planning your presentation, be clear about why your presentation is a great fit for one or more pathways. But don't overthink it--stick to one sentence explaining why.

    Questions? Please contact Jessi Seybert at