This is a small sample of the nearly 300 presentations at the 2018 CA STEAM Symposium!

  • Maker Education Focused Presentations

    Making and Literacy in K-2

    Learn about a literacy and making activity that combines engineering solutions with Common Core. Presented by Bryan Flaig & Niccole Peleg of Redwood City SD (Strand: The Power of STEAM Across Grades and Disciplines; Pathways: Discipline Deep Dive, Makers and Makerspaces, ELL/ELD; Grade Span: PreK-2)

    Learning by Making: Student & Teacher Impact through Rural STEAM Ed

    Learn about a NGSS-aligned curriculum that challenges students to design, construct and analyze data. Presented by Lynn Cominsky & Laura Peticolas of Sonoma State University (Strand: Our Shared STEAM Future; Pathways: Makers and Makerspaces, Making Standards Come Alive, and Equity and Access for All; Grade Span: High School)

    Don't Reinvent the Makerspace Wheel

    Leveraging Cal State University's Makerspace Initiative:Get hands-on experiences in exploring a free and open library of makerspace designs. Presented by Gerard Hanley & Leslie Kennedy of the CSU Office of the Chancellor (Strand: Essential Conditions for 21st Century STEAM Teaching and Learning; Pathways: Makers and Makerspaces; Grade Span: Higher Education)


    NGSS Focused Presentations

    Creating the Foundations for STEAM Habits of Mind

    Engage in Math, ELA and NGSS to develop the critical-thinking skills to help all students. Explore the intersection of math, science and language. Presented by Anthony Quan of LACOE (Strand: Essential Conditions for 21st Century STEAM Teaching and Learning; Pathways: Equity and Access for All, Discipline Deep Dive, and Early Learning; Grade Span: PreK-2)

    Ephemeral Art: Where NGSS, Outdoor Education and Making Meet

    Learn about the convergence of science, art and environmental stewardship through art. Presented by Doron Markus of San Mateo COE (Strand: From STEM to STEAM: Exploring Opportunity in Arts Integration; Pathways: Equity and Access for All, Makers and Makerspaces, and Making Standards Come Alive; Grade Span: 3rd-5th)

    Administrators Matter in NGSS Implementation

    Learn about the ways that administrators can support teachers in implementing the NGSS. Learn about tools and strategies both teachers and administrators can use in their practice. Presented by Ashley Iveland of WestEd (Strand: Sustaining the STEAM Teaching and Leadership Pipeline; Pathways: Discipline Deep Dive, Making Standards Come Alive, and Welcoming Non-STEAM Specialists; Grade Span: Middle School)